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NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW Conference Call Notes 4.22.21

Pharmacist / Manager Conference Call

April 22, 2021 – 8:30 am    

Take a few minutes and Huddle with your team over these notes. 


LAKE PARK – Jeff:  We had two cases yesterday that we needed something immediately from the compound lab.

One script was able to come through our regular delivery process.  The other patient came in very late in the day.  We contacted Valdosta to make sure they could make it that day. Valdosta stayed open late for the patient to pick up her medication.

We are still scheduling patients to have time with our insurance specialists to discuss their options for Part D plans.  Right now, Valdosta has the highest number of patients who still need to change.  Most patients should have received a letter that said Humana Basic was their new plan as of May 1st, but that they could still change plans until July 31st

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
We are currently giving vaccines to people at Langdale and Wiregrass.  We have clinics every Tuesday in Valdosta, where we are giving Moderna vaccines.  Anyone can sign up for their time slot by logging onto the Chancy Drugs website.  In the near future, we will be implementing talks to see about handling COVID vaccines in each location.

There is still a referral bonus in place for those with recommendations for new team members.  We prefer someone with pharmacy experience, but someone with any healthcare experience makes for a good team member.

We are planning and reviewing according to your recommendations on the employee surveys.  You will be seeing results in the near future.

Our will-call auto texting had stopped for a while, but Pioneer has turned them back on.  Patients will get a text when the pharmacist checks their medication, on day 3 and on day 5.  You will need to use Prescribe Wellness for days 7, 9, and 12.

Tickets must be turned in DAILY.  Please talk with your FIS to ensure that this process is complete. Tickets should be sent by interoffice envelope directly to LTC.

 This pertains mostly to Valdosta and Lake Park.  If you have any issue with a patient who is flagged as 340B, please reach out to Melodi or Olivia before you do anything.  If any 340B is not picked up promptly, contact Melodi.