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Medicare Part D Enrollment 2021-2022

Bag Stuffers:
These cards need to be stapled to the outside of ALL bags and explained to the patient what it is.
It's a reminder of this year's open enrollment for Medicare Part D plans. If they or a family member would like to speak with one of our Medicare Part D Specialists about their plan we can schedule them an appointment on site.
These same cards will also be in the patient's statements for the month of October and November that have charge account balances.
On Hold Messaging:
An additional message has been added to the on-hold messaging scripts. Here is the message: Annual Open Enrollment for Medicare Part-D is October 15th-December 7th. We are hosting appointments with Medicare Part-D Specialists at all of our Chancy Drugs locations. For dates and times for the appointments, please visit our website at You can schedule your appointment directly with our staff when we come back to the line.
Prescribe Wellness Campaign
Eligible patients (65 and older) will be receiving recorded calls and text messages reminding them of open enrollment and how we can help them during this process. Employee's contact numbers will be added to this campaign to know what the patient's will be receiving.
Our website has been updated to provide patients with the locations, dates, and times of the appointments with Eversure Medicare Part-D Specialists. On the homepage there will be a option to select Medicare Part D Enrollment and will take them to an informational page.*Please note they can not schedule appointments via the website*
Social Media:
Ads will begin showing on our Facebook and Instagram accounts the week of Oct 11-15.
Eversure Flyers:
The Eversure flyers with the month and the dates highlighted of when they will be onsite should be posted at the front counters and the drive thru.
Eversure Schedule:
The paper schedules should be kept in a central location where EVERYONE has access. In pencil, please assign one patient to each 30 minute time slot.
James or Lawton will complete the Old Plan and New Plan section of the schedule.
If a patient calls to cancel or reschedule their appointment, please update this on the schedule at that time. VERY IMPORTANT TO ONLY USE PENCIL on the schedule.
If you have questions or need to get in contact with the Eversure specialists they can be reached at their office number 229-896-2371.