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Update on Medicare Part D and Indy Health Insurance Plans

It has been brought to our attention that many of our patients have recently received communication from Indy Health Insurance, your new Medicare Part D provider, requesting payment for the first premium of 2021. We understand this communication may be a bit confusing. Please find information below we hope will provide clarity on this matter.

According to the information we have received from Indy Health Insurance, if you received an invoice from Indy Health Insurance for January 2021:

  • You must mail your January 2021 payment to Indy Health.
  • You have 60 days to make your January Indy Health premium payment.
  • You must call Indy Health at 1.800.799.0927 to make sure you have elected your premium to be taken from your Social Security check starting February 1st.
If you have any other questions we can help with, please call Chancy Drugs at (229) 794.3525 Ext. 1267