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Get Vaccinated: It’s more important than ever in 2020.

Each year, millions of people come down with influenza (the flu). For most, the flu will cause symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches, headache, chills and fatigue. For some, however, the flu can be much more severe, even deadly.

This year, in the midst of the pandemic, healthcare experts say it’s more important than ever to protect yourself—and the best way to do that is by getting vaccinated.

Pharmacists at Chancy Drugs are encouraging everyone to get a seasonal flu shot, as well as other vaccinations that can help protect you from dangerous illnesses.

 “A combination of COVID-19 and the flu, or other serious illnesses like shingles and pneumonia, could be very dangerous for your health,” said Chancy Drugs pharmacist Patrick Chancy, PharmD. “The single greatest way you can protect yourself is by getting a flu shot. Even if you consider yourself a healthy person, get your flu shot – you’ll protect not only yourself, but everyone around you.”

Anyone over the age of six months old should get a flu shot. And for people that are at high risk for serious complications from the flu, it’s especially important to take the necessary steps to avoid illness.

“People over the age of 65 are the most vulnerable, as are young children, pregnant women, and people with chronic health conditions or any disease that weakens the immune system,” said Chancy.

“If you work with or care for people at high risk, for example as a teacher, healthcare worker or caregiver, you should make sure you have gotten your flu vaccination to protect yourself and them. If you are age 65 or over, we also recommend you get a pneumonia vaccine (Pneumococcal Vaccine). And for those age 50 and over, we recommend a shingles vaccine (Shingrix Vaccine), as well.”

Chancy Drugs pharmacists can administer vaccinations at all the company’s community pharmacy locations—Chancy Drugs Adel, Chancy Drugs Hahira, Chancy Drugs Valdosta, Chancy Drugs Lake Park, and Chancy Drugs Moultrie. Most insurances are accepted for vaccinations.

For more information on vaccinations, call your local Chancy Drugs store


What vaccines do you need?

Flu Shot (Influenza Vaccine)
Who should get it?

  • Everyone over the age of six months old, but especially adults over the age of 65.
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system
  • People with chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart condition, and lung disease)

Pneumonia Vaccine (Pneumococcal Vaccine)
Who should get it?

  • Adults over the age of 65
 Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix Vaccine)

Who should get it?

  • Adults over the age of 50.