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Medicare Part D Enrollment

Turning 65 this year and need assistance in choosing the right health benefit plan? Our Chancy Drugs team is here to help you!

Medicare Part D plans can vary year-to-year  and with so many options  it can be difficult to pick a plan that best fits your individual needs. But you do not have to do it alone. 

In choosing the right prescription coverage for you, Chancy Drugs has partnered with our friends, Eversure, a team of locally licensed  Medicare specialists that will do a personal review of what plans best fit your needs. They will also continue to review your current Medicare Part D Plan year over year  to ensure it’s still the best option for you. Our team of Medicare specialists can help give you peace of mind in knowing the plan you ultimately select will be the most beneficial.

Our top priority is to take the stress out of the enrollment process for our patients. To schedule a consultation with James, our Medicare Part D specialist, please see below for his contact information. 



James Godwin, Medicare Part D Specialist

Cell: 229-507-1096

Office: 229-896-2371