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Flu Shot Campaign Coming Soon: What you need to know!



This year, it's more important than ever for everyone to get a flu shot.

It's also more important than ever for people that are of the recommended age to get pneumonia and shingles vaccines, as well.

A combination of COVID-19 and any of these other illnesses could be extremely dangerous. That's why we need to encourage every single patient to protect themselves and their family members this season! 

To help do our part to protect our community, we will begin a company-wide immunization campaign promoting flu shots, shingles vaccines, and pneumonia vaccines on October 1st.

Our goal is to give 1,650 flu shots company-wide by the end of November.   

The promotional campaign includes the following: 

  • Bag Promotion: By September 30, each store will receive a supply of cards promoting flu, shingles, and pneumonia vaccines. A card should be stapled to the outside of every bag that leaves our pharmacies in October and November. 
  • Yard Signs/Drive-thru Signage: Yard signs will be displayed on the front lawn and in every drive-thru at every pharmacy in October and November. 
  • Social Media: We will heavily promote vaccinations on our social media pages. Please share our posts and help spread the word!
  • Flu Shot Days: We will host flu shot days at our stores. More information on this and dates coming soon. 
  • Flu Shot Clinics: Patrick will be coordinating several flu shot clinics with local businesses. Our staff will be on-site at these businesses giving flu shots to their employees. 
  • Flu Shot Stickers: Each store will receive a supply of stickers to give every patient that gets a flu shot. 

If you have any questions about immunizations, flu shots, flu shot days, or flu shot clinics please call Patrick Chancy. 

If you need more promotional materials at your store (bag promotional materials, stickers, etc), call Megan Powell.