Wound Care

Wound Care

The skin— being the largest external organ of the body— acts as a barrier to the outside world protecting it from infection, radiation, and extremes of temperature. It is also a large sensory organ that sends signals to the brain regarding different sensations and body position.

Wounds, on the other hand, are unavoidable – impeding the natural functions of the skin. There are different types of wounds, damaging the skin depending on the mechanism of injury:

  • Inflammation
    • Usually manifests as redness and swelling
    • This is the skin’s initial response to any trauma or injury.
  • Pressure Sores
    • Occurs due to persistent pressure on bony prominent areas that are not receiving any pressure relief
    • When pressure isn’t relieved for a prolonged period, inadequate blood supply passes through the skin, causing tissue necrosis or skin breakage.
  • Abrasions
    • In layman’s term, these are called scratches
    • Occurs due to frictional forces on the skin
  • Cuts or Lacerations
    • These wounds go through all the layers of the skin
  • Puncture Wounds
    • Usually caused by sharp pointed objects entering the skin

When these wounds occur, proper wound care is needed in order to promote tissue healing and prevent further infections. Another goal (if acquiring a scar is inevitable) is to create a scar that is aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Professionally Compounded Wound Care Solutions

Each person is unique, thus needs to be treated uniquely, too. Compounding allows flexibility in creating different medications with varying strengths and dosages that will work perfectly for each person.

At Chancy Drugs, we are well-equipped in producing customized wound care medications to stimulate new tissue growth, decrease pain, and prevent bacterial overgrowth.

Some of the various dosage forms of wound care medications available at Chancy Drugs include:

  • Topical Antibiotic Solutions
  • Gels or Solutions for Stimulation of Tissue Growth
  • Topical Anesthesia
  • Pastes

Whether it’s just a small cut or even if it involves a large pressure sore, Chancy Drugs can provide you with the compounded wound care medication just for you. Consult your primary physician for a prescription regarding wounds occupying a larger are. Then together, we’ll work towards faster healing of your wounds and prevention of further infection.

For more information, contact Chancy Drugs at 229-794-3525 or visit our different stores located at Hahira, Adel, Lake Park, Moultrie and Valdosta.