Thyroid Therapy

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The thyroid hormone can be used in two situations:

Replacement Therapy

  • This is done when the thyroid gland of a person does not produce enough thyroid hormone or during the condition called hypothyroidism.
  • The goal is to closely replicate normal thyroid functioning through administration of synthetic thyroxine (T4).

Suppression Therapy

  • This treatment is mostly used for thyroid cancer patients to prevent recurrence or progression of their malignancy.

Before digging deeper through the topic of thyroid therapy, let us first explain to you the role of the two thyroid hormones – T3 and T4.

Basically, these two control our body’s metabolism. When we don’t have enough of them (hypothyroidism , our metabolism tends to slow down – affecting many aspects of our body processes such as the tempo of heartbeats, the amount of heat our body creates and also our mental sharpness. And since T3 is the active form of T4, T4 is the version of the hormone that’s administered in the body because it will still convert into T3 once it reaches the bloodstream.

Compounded Thyroid Hormones

Synthetic forms of the hormone are usually prescribed. However, natural thyroid hormones are available today in the market. In fact, many of these are sold over the internet as food supplements and even medications. Although this might be a good option for you, we suggest you don’t take the risk. Instead, opt for a certified compounding pharmacy that can provide you with safe and tested natural hormones.

Here at Chancy Drugs, we create safe and affordable compounded thyroid hormones for your hypothyroidism. We ensure you – our trusted clients – that the thyroid medications we produce are accurately and precisely prepared. Chancy Drugs can also remove unwanted inactive ingredients in your medications to make it more suitable such as turning it dye-free. Lastly, you can place your trust on us that our raw thyroid materials are all FDA approved.

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